Digital Scholar Review: India’s 1st Premium Agency-Style Digital Marketing Institute

We are very happy to announce the launch of Digital Scholar in Chennai, which is a brainchild of Sorav Jain, one of India’s top digital marketers, as an extension of Echovme, his 8-year-old Digital Marketing Agency. He has the experience of working with 500+ National and International Clients.

With a vision to take the digital marketing industry to the next level in India, he started Digital Scholar, which offers a 3-months Digital Marketing classroom course. The focus of this institute is to bring out graduates that can directly fit into the Digital Marketing Industry from day one and they have a very unique approach in making Digital Marketers by bringing in agency-style learning.

An Overview of Digital Scholar Review

Due to the rapid development of the digital marketing industry in our country, there is a huge demand for professional digital marketers. Recruiters are looking for trained professionals who are skilled in a particular niche of Digital marketing, and who can easily adapt to the industry requirements, immediately. Even if you can acquire digital marketing technical knowledge, it is impossible to know how to implement them until you work directly with a real-time client. This is because strategies and numbers vary from business to business. Also, there are certain practices that need to be known to perform up to a set standard.  This gap between the demand and supply would only be solved if there is an increase in skilled digital marketers who can adapt to the agency style of work from day 1. This is where agency-style learning from Digital Scholar is going to be a gamechanger.

digital scholar

What is Agency-style learning in a Digital Marketing Institute? (Based on Digital Scholar’s module)


→ Students would be made to form study groups inside the class, they will be made to work on live projects, which consists of real-life clients who wish to perform strategic digital marketing activities.

→ ‘You don’t learn inside the class but all through the journey’. This is actually true at digital scholar. Students will be made to practice a lot of assignments, they would have to crack at least a few case studies every week. They would also be earning a number of  Digital Marketing Guides who can help them throughout their Digital Marketing Journey.

→ Sorav Jain himself will be discussing a lot of case-studies every week. The students will have to crack the case-studies and discuss extensively on them. This will help them develop reflexive thinking and assist while taking a decision. Any situation, even complex, thrown their way could be handled at ease.

→ Proposal-Making is an important aspect of any business organization, if you have the skills, you need to know how to sell it as well. Hence, the module on Proposal-Making will help students to gain confidence that they are up to the mark while pitching to a client. 

→ After learning proposal-making, Client Pitching is also another aspect students need to know. They should have a fair idea of how client pitching works and how to get the best clients on board. At Digital Scholar students are trained to prepare the perfect presentation that will rope-in clients at the first go.

→ Teachers are the backbone of any Institute and Digital Scholar has one of the finest trainers because they are all practitioners.

→ There are also mock interview sessions where students will be given questions for which they need to prepare. This will help boost their confidence and land in the right job.

Here’s a video by the founder Sorav Jain explaining the agency-style learning Environment:


It’s important to stay updated in the Digital Marketing field because the field is ever-dynamic, things change every second. There are new updates rolling out every week in different social media channels. Hence, to become a world-class digital marketer, you need to stay ahead of the crowd and for this particular, Digital Scholar’s 3-months course brings unique modules to the picture that are of demand currently:

   1)Personal Branding:

It’s equally important to improve one’s personal brand if they want to improve a businesses’ brand. At digital scholar, this unique module helps students to identify your ‘niche’. And once their niche is identified, they provide free domain and hosting to get your blogging game stronger. Not only that, but professional photoshoot is also done for all the students to post some quality pictures on their social media.

      2) How to make money online:

This is probably one of the most important things to learn in Digital Marketing. If you have skills, you will still need to prove yourself and learn the art of making online. The module includes topics such as blogging, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and more.

There are multiple realistic and reliable ways to learn how to make money online. Here’s a blog link by Digital Scholar that will give you a lot of perspective on this topic:

3) Agency Management:

This is a module that would be of great use to people who want to start a digital marketing agency of their own. Students can understand how the digital marketing agency works, starting from client handling to how to stay relevant in the industry, every aspect of how an agency is being managed is covered in this topic.


There is going to be a lot of demand in the digital marketing industry for the next 10 years. The digital marketing industry will keep on evolving as the technology and the mindset of people evolves. If you want to catch up to the fast-paced world you need to start learning and practicing digital marketing. Also, this is the right time to start because there is a huge scope for digital marketing professionals and freelance digital marketers in major parts of the country. Become a Digital Marketer now!