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We are eager to give you best Education and style.

The Vision Upliftment Academy is an exclusive institute, located at the heart of the IT hub of Kolkata, at RDB Boulevard, Sector – 5, Salt Lake City, which teaches Digital Marketing and Content Writing to all the interested students. We offer both diploma and advanced/masters’ courses in Digital Marketing, the popular arena to make yourself known and established in the cyber world, in front of the global audience. This, in turn will help each and every student to earn revenue and money from their websites, and improve various skills needed to be a successful Digital Marketer, in this century. Besides these, the Academy also offers a course on Content Writing, the upcoming platform for every writer, both big and small, to earn money and contribute to the benefits of several organizations, over the Internet. It includes learning to write all kinds of content – technical, articles, creative, blogs, press releases and many more. Every course ends with sessions on preparation for the job interviews, creation of one’s own portfolio, and getting ready to step out and achieve success, with flying colours.

The Owner of the Academy is Ms. Nisha Mullick, herself a professional in Digital Marketing, with a Google certificate, and good work experience to inspire and support all her students.
The Mentor of the Academy is Mr. Urbindra Kundu, a successful Digital Marketer himself, certified by Google and HubSpot, with an in-depth knowledge of Content Writing, to guide and pave the road to success for each and every student.


Why Study With Us?
The Academy has a very amiable and comfortable ambience, with truly helpful and co – operative teachers, who are ready to extend a helping hand to one and all, whenever needed.



Our Mission
The mission of The Vision Upliftment Academy is to teach and train their students to become successful Content Writers and Digital Marketers, and contribute to the welfare of the entire society. After the completion of the courses, we also provide opportunities for a basic employment, giving everyone a chance to work with us and get used to their jobs, before going out to work in the big world.



Get Admission
All the courses have a convenient time – span, with flexible working and class hours, where students can learn and work with ease and proper guidance, and at the end of their course, receive a certificate that has immense value of its own.


If you Have Any Questions Call Us On +91 9830367183