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Why should you consider a web designing career?

If you are an artist and looking for graphic solutions to designing problems and still enjoying web technology at the same time, then a career in web designing may be the best solution for both the cases. Web designing not only allows you to spread your creative wings but also keep up with the latest technology and standards.
Being a web designer you will have to work with clients, web developers and marketing professionals. So to become successful, you’ll need to sharpen your web design skills effectively.

Advantages of a Web Design Career

Explore your creativity. From graphics to colour schemes, web designing jobs allow you to use artistic skills in your day-to-day work. An outstanding aesthetic sense and a meticulous design approach are needed for web designing since most projects require something new.
Work on the web. Who doesn’t love the Internet? Being a web designer not only enables you to work with websites every day but also to shape the way people interact with the web. A huge impact can be created on the company’s brand by working with the web as your medium. Due to the frequent changes in the industry – best practices emerge and are fine-tuned, trends take hold and technology updates, the web remains exciting all the time.
Use sophisticated technology. Web designing jobs will give you the opportunity to try something, provided you enjoy dealing with computers and designing software. And you won’t get bored working only with design software, because web designers typically need to know HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Be independent. There are plenty of opportunities for freelancing or working on your own even though lots of designers also work in-house for large companies or are part of a web designing firm’s employees. As a self-employed you will be able to choose your clients you want to work with, set your rates and working hours, specializing in websites for a particular business industry and sharpen your business and marketing skills. Work in a growing industry. Nowadays all the companies need a website and want it to be kept updated resulting in a huge demand for web designers and developers.

Being one of the most lucrative jobs in the industry, the web designing course has always been the favorite of thousands of educated youngsters every year.

Web designing is one of the most important departments of any IT company without which aesthetic and innovative website designs are unimaginable.
A promising career, scope for creativity, high paying salary and a challenging job, all of these are attracting a lot of youngsters to opt for a career as a web designer.

VISION UPLIFTMENT ACADEMY is one of the most premier web designing training institute in Kolkata which guarantees you of high-quality, placement focused and real-world projects based training.

Does this mean that you have to spend thousands of rupees on pursuing this advanced and current industry oriented course? No, not at all, our course fee is much less than other web designing training institutes in Kolkata.

Web Design Course Details

HTML Basics

Introduction to HTML, Attributes, Headings, Paragraphs, Styles, Formatting, Quotations, Comments Colors, CSS, Links, Images, Tables, Lists, Blocks, Classes, ID, Iframe, JS, Filepath, Head, Layout,Responsive, Computer Codes, Entities, Symbols, Charset, URL Encode, XHTML.

HTML Forms

Introduction to Forms, Form Elements, Input Types, Input Attributes HTML5 Introduction to HTML5, Support, New Elements, Semantics, Migration, Style Guide HTML Graphics Canvas, SVG, Google Maps. HTML Media and API Video, Audio, Geolocation, Web Storage

CSS [Cascading Style Sheets ]

Syntax, Colors, Background, Borders, Margins, Padding, Box Model, Outline, Text, Fonts, Icons, Links, Lists, Tables, Display, Position, Overflow, Float, Inline Block, Align, Pseudo, Opacity, Nav Bar, DropDown, Images, Forms, Counters.
Advanced CSS 2D and 3D Transformations and Animations.
Responsive CSS and CSS Grid


Syntax, Data Types, Mathematical Operations, Functions, Strings, Objects, Events, Arrays, Date, Date Formats, Iterations.

JS Forms

Forms, JS API


DOM Intro, Methods, Documents, HTML, CSS, Animations, Events, Navigation,
Course Duration: 3 Month
Course Fee: 12000/-



Today the world is ruled by the internet. Every business nowadays is conducted through the internet around the world. In this digital world, the online presence on the internet is very important for every organization to advertise, promote and sell their products and services to the worldwide user.

But the question is:

How can this be done?

How online marketing or online presence can play a huge role in the overall business of an organization?

The answer to the above question is having an official website that represents the company’s overall profile and business.
A web designer or web developer is the one who creates websites and web applications also. A web developer can also work independently as a freelancer other than being employed by any organization although they are employed by every company almost, and that is the best part of this industry.

Any B.Tech, M. Tech, BCA or MCA student will make the first choice for the course of web development because of a professional career and a high paying salary.
Our web development course design has been tailor-made by special expertise people who are actively involved in this industry.

If you are thinking whether to join the web development course in Kolkata or not then we can assure you that we will provide you web development course in Kolkata as per the industrial standards and will also give live projects.
We are one of the best PHP/MySql training institutes in Kolkata.

Web Development Details


Introduction to PHP, Basics of Programming in PHP, Arrays, Strings, Iterations, Decision Making, Superglobals.


Form Handling, Form Validation, Form Required, Form URL/e-mail, Form Complete

Advanced PHP

Date and Time, Include, File handling, Upload, cookies, Sessions, Filters


Database, Connect, Create DB, Create Table, Insert Data, Get Last ID, Insert Multiple, Prepared, Select Data, Delete data, Update Data, Limit Data.

Advanced PHP and MySQL

Facebook Login Integration using SDK


Syntax, Selectors, Events.

jQuery Effects

Hide/Show, Slide, Fade, Animate, stop(), Call back, Chaining.

jQuery HTML

GET, SET, ADD, REMOVE, CSS Classes, css(), Dimensions.

jQuery Traversing

Traversing, Ancestors, Descendants, Siblings, Filtering.

jQuery Ajax

Load, Get/Post
Course Duration: 3 Month
Course Fee: 15000/-



Web designing or web development is a short-term course for those who want to pursue a professional or job-oriented course. Plenty of opportunities are available for the students who want to work in this industry. Many private and public organizations hire a web designer for their online work and website development. Nowadays there is a rapid growth in online industries resulting in the demand for web development professionals are increasing and this has created huge job opportunities for the aspirants in the upcoming days.

Apart from this if an experienced person wants to work in this field then he/she can also work as a freelancer; there are many online companies which provide online projects to the individuals.


After the completion of your web designing course, you can work for a web designing company or you can work as a freelancer. There are many companies which hire a web developer for their front end and back end web development projects. You can also work independently as a web designer and set up your own enterprise. The major career fields in this field include:

Front-end Developer: The client side that deals with the web page design, graphics which is accessible to the user is generally done by the front-end developer.

Backend Developer: A back-end developer is a person who is responsible for the back-end development that interacts with the server. They are specialist in the languages such as Php, Ruby, ASP.Net, Java, Cold Fusion, and Perl.


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