Career as a Digital Marketer

The 21 st century as we see can well be regarded a heterogeneous mixture of good and bad. On one hand we see man on the pinnacle of goodness and virtue while on the other hand we see mankind on the pits of bestiality. There has been innovation in the field of science, technology and in the electronics and telecommunication field also. But if we introspect and think about the positive, a lot has developed and changed in our developing country in the field of marketing.
Our innovation and technology has helped us to venture into digital marketing, a thing which nobody could not be even think of in the past. The digital marketing scenario in India is growing
and yet to cover a long journey. At present we have only 35 % internet connectivity in our country which proves the point,that we have still not become fully digital. But the digital marketing field has lot of potential and has immense to offer to the people who wants to make a career in digital marketing. Career choice is a very important decision for an individual before completing ones high school education. Medical and engineering line as a career option has become a phenomenon of the past. Now, we have plenty of choices and amongst them digital marketing as a career option is of great demand. Digital marketing in our country has grown in leaps and bound. The present government has taken lot of initiatives to launch programmes like Make India and Digital India campaigns for improving the knowledge level of our citizens in digital marketing. As per latest data by research agencies , almost every Indians carries a mobile which depicts a picture of our country slowly becoming truly and globally digital.

A Digtal Marketer has plenty of opportunity to explore one’s territory of thoughts into practice. Digital Marketing does not only means utilizing online platform to sell but it also involves a lot
more to it.It can be used to increase the online traffic of a particular site by improving parameters like SEO and SEM’s which are search engine tools for improving the website management of a
particular company. Thus, we understand that a digital marketer has lot of responsibility to convert lot of untapped potential of the company’s business or revenue generation techniques
which a normal non digital marketing guy would be unsuccessful in achieving. Hence, we can easily say that a Digital Marketer is like the captain of a ship and plays a pivotal role in every company. A digital marketer can turnaround a company’s position by using his
digital marketing skills and thus be successful in his career .A career in digital marketing requires a person to be strong both in verbal communication and in writing skills. Thus in a very short span,a digital marketer can grow exponentially, rise to a senior level and discharge his duties efficiently and become a successful digital marketing professional. A digital marketer can earn his potential by content writing or by blogging. A career as SEO or SEM specialist also has great earning capacity. A digital marketer has to be always aware of the latest development because the digital marketing technology is changing fast and always has something new to offer. A digital marketer has to be dynamic and continue making the necessary changes due to the latest innovations in this digital world. Thus we conclude, that in this world of cut throat competition, a career in digital marketing is very much encouraging because it not only improves the success rate of a person to grow but also creates an environment of development not only for the individual but
for the entire society as a whole and we can in our near future aim to be a developed country from a developing nation.